The vestry is a group of nine laypersons whom, as representatives of all the members of the parish, meet once a month with the Rector and wardens to oversee the affairs of the parish.  Elections are held in January each year.  Men and women of the parish are encouraged to become active in the life of the parish and joining the vestry is a good start.  Pray about it.

Our current Vestry is:

Member Position Term
 Karol Wolgemuth * Senior Warden 2016 – 2019
 Tom Clark * Junior Warden 2015 – 2018
Tom Daugherty 2018 – 2021
Eric Delk  2018 – 2021
Murphy Holley 2017 – 2020
Joan Coleman 2017 – 2020
Celia Engel 2017 – 2020
Tom Clarke 2016 – 2019
 Kathy Weigel 2018 – 2021
Rev. Greg Syler Rector 2017 –
Beth Matthews Delegate to Convention 2018 & 2019
Mike Cahall Alternate Delegate 2018 & 2019
* Ascension representative on the St. George’s/Ascension Collaborative Ministry Committee

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Vestry can make their desires known to the Secretary or any member of the existing Vestry. As a member of the Vestry you will be expected to do several things. If you are seriously considering this ministry, a guidance for prospective vestry nominees is available below. Elections are held in January at the annual All Parish meeting.

Guidance for Prospective Vestry Members

As a member of the Vestry you will be expected to:

  • Serve at least one full year of a three year term which begins in January
  • Attend monthly Vestry meetings
  • Participate in special Vestry meetings and conferences as called including one or two weekend retreats
  • Provide active leadership for the congregation during your service on the Vestry
  • Serve as Vestry liaison for at least one parish committee
  • Share the responsibility for overseeing church financial affairs
  • Give of your time, talent and treasure on a percentage basis make a prayerfully written financial pledge
  • Attend regular worship services
  • Participate in as many church activities as possible such as Lenten services, potluck suppers, retreats, special programs, etc.
  • Attempt to know and help involve as many persons in the congregation as possible
  • Be responsible for greeting newcomers, getting to know more old-timers and generally doing whatever is needed to further fellowship within the church
  • Be present for the annual congregational meeting, normally on the 3rd Sunday in January
  • Subscribe to the canonically required Vestry declaration, which is:


In the presence of Almighty God, I do solemnly promise and declare that I will faithfully execute the office of Vestryman of Patuxent Parish, in St. Mary’s County, without prejudice, favor or affection, according to the best of my skill and judgment. And I further declare my belief in the Christian religion.


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