The Gardens

The Gardens of Ascension have been iconic for decades. Fellow Parishioner Joe Gough has tended to their needs since the 1980s and finally “retired” as their caretaker in 2013. Joe’s dedication and generosity has allowed the gardens to flourish and expand over the years. Joe often employed people from the church and the Lexington Park community to help. Sadly, the Parish does not have the financial means to hire a professional landscaper to maintain the current design. The Parish believes that the gardens are an important part of the Church’s character and plans to continue to nurture their beauty.

In order to make the gardens more sustainable for the Parish volunteers, the gardens will be redesigned to simplify routine maintenance. While a large task lies ahead, there will be no shortage of fun and fellowship. Some of that fellowship is shown here.  Click on any image for a slide show.

If you would like to be a part of this transformation, you can meet us at the Church every second Saturday of the month at 9am. Better yet, join us for breakfast at the Golden Corral at 8am. You can also drop us a note and we will let you know the details of when and where we will gather next just to be sure that you don’t miss out. Enjoy!

Proper Supervision
Tight Spot
I can Smell the New Grass
A Union Job?
A New Shrub Bed
A Little Weeding
Lots of Pruning
To the Trailer
What a Waste
Proper Supervision
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