Guatemala Medical Mission

Every year Ascension sponsors a medical and dental mission team to the companion Diocese of Honduras in the remote Mosquitia area.  While there, the “Tooth and Toil” team provides medical and dental treatment for almost1,000 patients.  The team’s vision is to further the work of the church in La Mosquitia and to promote the relationship between the church and health professionals by demonstrating the church’s interest in the welfare of the people physically as well as spiritually.

To learn more about the mission call the church office at 301-863-8551.

 “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”

Luke 10:2

The following members served on the April 9 to 19th, 2015 Guatemala mission to give the poor some basic medical treatment.

2015 Guatemala Mission Team

Denita Abell, Dental Assistant
Cindy Carson, Dental Hyg.
Dr. Dennis Falk, Dentist
Cornell Friesen, Medical/ Dental
Jessica Friesen, Medical/Dental
Dr. Travis Friesen, Dentist
Denise Gaylord, Dentist
Betty Hoyt, Pharmacy
Dynelle Johnson Nurse Practitioner
Janni Martin, RN/Pharmacy
Rachel Mumbert, Pharmacy
Emily Page, RN
Jan Page, Pharmacy
Dr. Wes Page, Physician
Pablo McKeown, Medical Director
Goyo Chom, Pastor
Diego Sincu, Pastor
Ana &Steve McDaniel, missionaries
Guatemalan Healthcare Providers,
Pastors, evangelists, translators,
cooks, bus drivers and all helpers.
Other helpers from Living Water Ministry

Your prayers for the laborers going to Guatemala as a medical/dental team to work with the Living Water Ministries are priceless.  Previous teams have had some pretty miraculous things happen because of your prayers.  Your prayers are a vital part of this team.  We cannot be successful without them.  You are co-laborers and we are so grateful for your part in this mission.

We ask that you daily pray for us:

    • that they will have safe travel and are allowed to take everything needed;
    • that all supplies will clear customs;
    • that all medical/dental supplies and gifts for children will clear customs;
    • that each will have good health and no dietary problems;
    • that resources will be handled in good stewardship and will be sufficient for the needs;
    • that through each of the team the love of Jesus will be seen, accepted, and;
    • that their hands will be the hands of Christ and their words be His words;
    • ALL who make things possible and share Jesus in the campaign;
    • Evangelists, translators, cooks, bus drivers, and all helpers.


May God bless you.

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