“The Story” on Sundays

November 24, 2013 @ 9:15 am – 10:00 am
Church of the Ascension
21641 Great Mills Road
Lexington Park, MD 20653

September began a journey where parishioners are participating in a plan to read the whole Bible together along with other congregations throughout the Diocese. Each week there will be a reading assignment, and if we read them all, we’ll have read the entire Bible by May. We’ll be using a book called “The Story” – with versions for children, youth and adults. It’s kind of a Reader’s Digest version of the Bible, breaking it down into traditional easy to read chapters. Since there are parts of the Bible left out in this abridged version, it would be a good idea to have another copy of the Bible on hand to fill in the gaps. Ways to participate:

    • Pick up copies of “The Story” and read it each week, following the study guide
    • Get out your Bible at home, dust it off and read the portions for each week
    • Talk about the passages in your household or with your friends
    • Come to the Sunday Forum each week at 9:15 to hear about themes from the weekly Bible reading.

      • May 4th – Acts, Romans
      • May 11th – Corinthians-Philemon
      • May 18th – Hebrews-Jude
      • May 25th – Revelation

If Sunday is not convenient for you, participate in a weekday discussion at the Coffee Quarter on Fridays at 1pm.

Read the entire Bible
Learn the whole story of God’s love
Grow closer to God
Grow in faith
Participate in grand adventure

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