Remembering with Grateful Hearts

Give Thanks for Those Who Gave All, Memorial Day Sunday

Ascension gathers in prayer and thanksgiving Sunday morning, just like we do every Sunday, yet this weekend we lift up the memory of those men and women who, as our Prayer Book teaches, "ventured much for the liberties we now enjoy."  Come to worship at 7:30am or 11am on Sunday of this Memorial Day holiday weekend, and make your presence your prayer, as well.

"O Judge of the nations, we remember before you with grateful hearts the men and women of our country who in the day of decision ventured much for the liberties we now enjoy. Grant that we may not rest until all the people of this land share the benefits of true freedom and gladly accept its disciplines. This we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."  (From the Book of Common Prayer)

Welcome to Ascension

Thank you for visiting The Church of the Ascension! We are a vibrant and diverse group of folks of the Episcopal church in the Diocese of Washington. We celebrate a community of faith which seeks to reflect God's love in our words and in our actions and are committed to worship God with faithfulness and to make a positive difference in our local and global communities. We especially enjoy inviting and welcoming guests and new friends to share in the abundance of God's love with us in worship and in ministry and even have fun doing all this.

We look forward to meeting you at our next gathering!

Love God. Love your neighbor. Change the world.

Rector's Corner

Read notes from the Rector's office. Information on office and staff operation will be updated often.

Young Adult Ministry - Community

A young adult small group ministry is forming in late-spring, early summer, and we'd love to welcome you -- and your friends!  The Syler's welcome all to their home for an eight-week Christian small group.  Pastor Andy Stanley's 'Community' curriculum says, "Show up. Join in. Be real."  "You can't grow spiritually unless you're connected relationally," Stanley says, "God designed you that way.  He wants to use other people to grow you and he wants to use you to grow other people."  Wednesdays @ 6pm; childcare will be offered.  First session was Wednesday May 3 - and will continue every Wednesday following (except May 31), through June 28.  Interested?  Know someone who might be?  Talk with Fr. Greg today! 

Coming to Communion

All are welcome to receive Communion in this church, including children. And to help children fully appreciate and participate in this sacrament, Fr. Greg and Iman Syler are offering a course for all primary-school children and their families.  'Coming to Communion' is a 9-session course, most of which will be done at home, led by families.  The Syler's led the kickoff and will wrap it up.  The program kicked off on April 27 and will conclude with a potluck dinner on Wednesday May 31 at St. George's Parish Hall.  Childcare will be provided both nights.  On Sunday, June 4, we will celebrate in church those children who participate in this course.  All are welcome.  Talk with Fr. Greg or Iman if you'd like to participate or know more!

Upcoming Events

Prayers at Ascension

Many churches have a candle rack where one can light a candle to symbolize a prayer of intention. Often times, the simple act of lighting the candle is prayer enough. Similarly, we now have a Prayer Net to capture these prayers of intention in our Administrative Wing. Simply tie a piece of yarn (provided) to the net and cast your prayer to God. Alternatively, you can tie a piece of yarn to symbolize your commitment as a disciple of Christ. We engage in a life of prayer at Ascension, not only in worship - we do it with our Prayer Chain and with the Prayer Net.


We have lots of ways to have fun with your fellow parishioners. Come join us for any and all of our Social Activities.


One of God’s greatest gifts is the personal talents bestowed upon each of us. Ascension has so many ways to share our talent within the Church, within the Community, and between each other. Ascension is a Church of giving. Please take a look at all that Ascension does and find a place that is right for you. There are plenty of Volunteer Opportunities that are as much fun as they are service to others.

Pastoral Counseling CenterThe Church of the Ascension has been a proud host for the Pastoral Counseling Center for over 30 years. If you need someone to talk to, the PCC has trained and certified counselors who can help. Click here for more information.

Please Support the Food Pantry
The food pantry in the county is in extremely short supply and can use any type of canned goods, boxed cereal, peanut butter, jelly, or packaged dinners. Please take a look at the Food Pantry needs and bring your donations to the Church Narthex on Sunday or the parish office during business hours.
Don't forget your GROCERY BAGS and clean EGG CARTONS too!

Christian Education

The best evangelism is teaching another about our faith. Join the Christian Education program in its creative ministry of teaching all ages. Our programs offer instruction on how to worship and the opportunity to lead study and prayer groups for adults. Check out what we have for the kids to do during church service (it even keeps the adults busy too!) Please join us soon!

St. George’s/Church of the Ascension Collaborative Ministry - Updated: April 1, 2017

Our Collaborative Ministry page has been updated to include recent decisions and latest status of our progress. This page includes a list of Frequently Asked Questions including information from the meetings held in late 2015 and the meeting minutes released from the Joint Executive Committee.  Please feel free to contact the listed Points of Contact if you have any additional questions. 

Garden Make-over

Garden Make-overAscension is in the process of renovating our gardens. It will be a long path to make the gardens more sustainable. Click on the photo to see more of our progress.

The garden team meets on Saturdays for removing, moving, and planting as well as general yard maintenance. Everyone is welcome to help and share ideas on ow to make the gardens beautiful for all. Please contact the Parish Office to make sure that we are meeting this week.
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